Five Decades of Theatre Poster Art from Broadway, Off-Broadway and Beyond



Rejected poster designs and sketches for some of the theatreʼs most famous shows:

  • Into the Woods
  • Nick & Nora
  • Once
  • Side Show
  • Moose Murders

...and many, many more!


FOLLIES (Broadway - 2011) If you browse around my website, you’ll find two other versions of this artwork. This is the format used for the Broadway production designed to accommodate star billing and a fantastic New York Times quote. As I have mentioned quite often, my mentor David Byrd designed the original (and now iconic) Broadway poster for Follies in 1971. It has been a personal thrill for me to recently find posted aound NYC my Follies artwork alongside David’s legendary art for Godspell, which is also having a Broadway revival. This version of my Follies poster was art directed by the ad agency with the goal of “brightening up” the muted collage art. It certainly garners lots of attention. Having your marquee positioned directly on Broadway very near the hustle and bustle of Duffy Square is akin to procuring a free Times Square billboard. That is one of the advantages of playing at The Marriott Marquis! Thanks to the grand planning of The Kennedy Center’s Michael Kaiser and Max Woodward, the Follies art can be seen around town on phone kiosks, bus wraps, subway two-sheets, three-sheets, window cards, hotel flyers and a roaming truck!