Designing poster art for the New York Theatre is a wonderful challenge.  Every show is different.  Whether it is for Broadway or Off-Broadway, the creative process is the same, although the budgets may vary.  Some shows are star vehicles, or have famous playwrights or composers as the centerpiece or, a bigger challenge, have no bold face names attached to them at all.  My job is to create a poster that exemplifies the show, be it musical or drama, with an arresting image that will cause anyone looking at it to say, “I’d like to see that” or “I’d like to learn more about that show”.  While looking through my work, you’ll get a glimpse of the back stage story behind each poster as well.

Unlike many other commercial design forms, the Theatre Poster is considered, by most, to be art.  Here, then, is my art.
I’ve selected 50 of my favorites.  Enjoy.   I certainly enjoyed creating them!

Follies (Broadway) Follies (Broadway)
The Lion King The Lion King
Sweeney Todd Sweeney Todd
Sunday in the Park With George Sunday in the Park With George
Our Town Our Town
Carrie Carrie
Getting Away With Murder Getting Away With Murder
Little Dancer Little Dancer
Misery Misery
Buyer & Cellar Buyer & Cellar
Lady, Be Good! Lady, Be Good!
Buried Child Buried Child
The Belle of Amherst The Belle of Amherst
Zorba Zorba
Disenchanted! Disenchanted!
Paint Your Wagon Paint Your Wagon
Rocket to the Moon Rocket to the Moon
Waterfall Waterfall
The Acting Company The Acting Company
Oklahoma! Oklahoma!
The King & I The King & I
South Pacific South Pacific
The Sound of Music The Sound of Music
Deathtrap Deathtrap
Journey’s End Journey’s End
Looped Looped
Cymbeline Cymbeline
The Acting Company The Acting Company
Side Show Side Show
A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol
These Paper Bullets! These Paper Bullets!
Tryst Tryst
Irma La Douce Irma La Douce
Dinosaur Zoo Dinosaur Zoo
Love and Information Love and Information
The Most Happy Fella The Most Happy Fella
One Night One Night
Little Me Little Me
On Your Toes On Your Toes
A Civil War Christmas A Civil War Christmas
Tribes Tribes
Red Dog Howls Red Dog Howls
Hit the Wall Hit the Wall
My Name Is Asher Lev My Name Is Asher Lev
Three Sisters Three Sisters
All the Rage All the Rage
Pipe Dream Pipe Dream
Merrily We Roll Along Merrily We Roll Along
Belleville Belleville